Smooth Away Reviews - The Truth on Hair Removal

Published: 15th January 2010
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Want to get rid of unwanted hair quickly? Smooth Away is a hair remover pad that uses mini crystals to gently and painlessly eliminate unwanted hairs whilst providing the user comprehensive skin exfoliation. When compared to hair razors, Smooth Away is a universal hair removal solution which experts claim can painlessly remove facial hairs in addition to other unwanted types of body hairs without the nicks and the injuries. For $14.99, Smooth Away is shipped along with an applicator in addition to a bundle of buffing pads. The popularity and hype surrounding this product be one of the fastest selling beauty products inside Europe, This article will analyze the benefits of Smooth Away and, much more importantly, reveal what we feel about it as a product.

What It Claims To Be

Smooth Away claims to leave your skin feeling "so smooth and incredibly smooth. " According to the Smooth Away site plus other supporting information, the Hair Removal Pads include 'superfine crystals' that can painlessly and promptly smooth "away undesired hair within moments. " Basically, Smooth Away requires the utilization from the handle - called the applicator - and also the abrasive pads, which is like sandpaper, to get rid of undesired hairs. Smooth Away claims to be a universal hair removal technique, that in essence indicates that the unit can work on your face, legs, arms, plus even bikini area. The Hair Removal Pads, collectively with the applicator, is used in a circular motion to make sure you roll and also twist away hair off their channels.

Smooth Away's advantage comes in its 'no nicks and cuts' guarantee. While in comparison to razors, Smooth Away hair removing pads don't require shaving lotions and also other pricey chemical agents in order to facilitate operation. It, to that end, saves buyers extra money as well as also time in prepping their body before they are able to run the razor on it. One more upside of Smooth Away will be in its aroma- free, no- mess, plus pain- free practical application. Unlike smelly depilatory creams and some other hair dissolving methods, Smooth Away merely calls for the abrasive pad plus the applicator to take away undesired hair.

What We Think

A number of critiques are available about Smooth Away, majority of which unfortunately have been highlighting the negative facts concerning the product. Basically, we believe that a hair removing tool which follows the abrasion principle such as Smooth Away may not get constructive reviews from shoppers. Simply for the reason that applying abrasive materials, in general, to the skin may never be a pleasurable experience.

However, not like similar depilatory abrasive sheets that are engineered to force hair from their respective channels due to its rough surface containing micro cut- out points. The repetitive use with the abrasive sheet by Smooth Away can not result in redness and even irritation on the skin. This is thanks to the utilization of super fine crystals which improve smooth hair elimination for sensitive skin.

In summary, we trust that- as with any other type of beauty item- proper application is vital so that you can get the entire rewards. There are many positive reviews of smooth away and it is an item that is worth a try.

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